With HELLA's licence plate lamps, clearance lamps, position lamps and direction indicators, you can ensure that the vehicle is clearly visible to all road users, even in the dark and when visibility is poor. A clear advantage for the safety of each individual situation, whether on the road or during field work. Throughout, we are always committed to the greatest quality and implement innovative and efficient technologies for the lamps, such as LED technology.

With up to 80 % less power consumption than conventional bulb technology, our lamps are paving the way towards more design and safety with maximum service lives. Frequent bulb replacements are not only time-consuming, but also cost-intensive in the long run, especially for trucks and agricultural machinery with high mileages. Therefore, retrofitting to the innovative HELLA LED lamps is an efficient choice in every which way! HELLA marker lamps are also characterised by outstanding quality when it comes to workmanship and stability – and their long service life proves it.

Do not leave safety to chance – put your trust in HELLA marker lamps.