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Article number: 1EL 009 648-401

Fitting Position:
usage number:
E1 2514; E1 2515
Manufacturer Restriction:
Ref. 20
without glow discharge lamp; with motor for headlamp levelling; without ballast
with bulb
Light Design:
Bi-Xenon; LED
Number of light functions:
Vehicle Equipment:
for vehicles without bend lighting
Bulb Type:
D3S (Gas Discharge Lamp); PSY24W; W5W; PS19W
Light Function:
with low beam; with position light; with indicator; with high beam; with daytime running light (LED)
Paired article numbers:
1EL 009 648-391
Parts list:
Bulb Type: W5W; usage number: 082416 / 814612 / 8GP 003 594-163 / HB501 / W5W / W5W12VB2 / W5W12VCP10; Voltage [V]: 12; Rated Power [W]: 5; Quantity: 10; Inspection Tag: E1; Socket Type: W2,1x9,5d; Packing Type: Box
Bulb Type: D3S (Gas Discharge Lamp); usage number: D3S / HID3SCP1; Voltage [V]: 42; Rated Power [W]: 35; Quantity: 1; Inspection Tag: E4; Socket Type: P 32 d-2-5; Packing Type: Box
Control Unit/Software must NOT be trained/updated